Energy Efficiency Toolbox Due 01/11/2021

The Energy Efficiency Toolbox contains several tools and items which will provide information on different energy consuming areas. Take the time to learn about each tool in the box including how to use it and how to interpret the resulting data. 


Note: Using the Energy Efficiency Toolbox is not a replacement for undergoing a professional energy audit. Energy audits are conducted by trained professionals using a much wider range of tools to gather highly specific results and recommendations on energy usage and cost reduction measures. The Energy Efficiency Toolbox is simply a hands-on approach for municipalities and their residents to help learn first-hand where opportunities exist every day to conserve energy.


After exploring the contents of the Energy Efficiency Toolbox and gaining a better understanding of the major areas of energy consumption in your buildings, you may come to the conclusion that you would like to explore options for a full professional building energy audit and possible building energy retrofits to help save money and reduce emissions. You may wish to undergo a professional energy audit after completing your own study or take advantage of additional tools through the Action Centre Tool Lending Library.


Note: The Action Centre is not responsible for any damage to self, others, or property due to the inappropriate use of the equipment in the Energy Efficiency Toolbox. Take the time to carefully read directions in this manual as well as further detailed instructions in the accompanying operating manuals before using any piece of equipment. Always use caution when interacting with electrical systems.


Toolbox Contents

A. Electricity Usage Meter

B. Light Meter

C. Temperature and HumidityData Logger Recorder

D. Conserve Power Switch

E. Multifunction Vehicle Trip Computer

F. Draft Detector

G. Imaging InfraredThermometer

H. Power Clamp Meter + LineSplitter